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Amy’s books and other selected published work

I Wanted Fries With That

At some point in our lives, we’ve all experienced a small injustice – like, a fellow airline passenger squashing us by moving their seat back – and we suffer in silence for fear of offending anyone. When we fail to speak up, however, we end up shortchanging ourselves. I wrote this book so that we could all benefit from my career as a university ombudsman, and structure our complaints to make sure we get what we want and need. I illustrate each point with funny real-life stories, which I promise will ring true for you- whether you’re trying to right the wrongs of the world or just claim the French fries you ordered.

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With warmth, humor, wisdom, and deep respect for others, Amy Fish gives you the strategies and courage to speak in your own voice to ask for what you want or need. This is storytelling and complaint handling at their very best.
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Lydia Cummings
Harvard University Ombudsman
Fresh, crisp, and terrifically useful advice. Especially good for those of us who’ve never had the nerve to send back a dish at a restaurant, these easy scripts and practical examples will help us all learn a kinder, gentler way of making things better.
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Sam Bennett
Author of Get It Done
Self-improvement has never been easier or more enjoyable, engaging, amusing, and effective. Amy Fish delivers clear-cut instructions with passion and wit, teaching even the most reluctant complainers how to speak up for themselves. You’ll laugh your way to a stronger, better you.
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Lara Lillibridge
Bestselling author of Mama, Mama, Only Mama: An Irreverent Guide for the Newly Single Parent
Laugh-out-loud funny and packed with wise and practical advice on making your voice heard, this book should be on everyone’s reading list.
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Susan E. Opler
Ombudsman, City of Toronto


The Art of Complaining Effectively

The Art of Complaining Effectively is a book about how to stand up for yourself. You will learn to complain so that your voice is heard. So that you get the refund you deserve or the appointment you need. So that your turkey sub has the freshest possible lettuce (read the book – that joke will make sense to you quickly).

When you finally do complain about your lettuce (same joke) I want to make sure that you do so in the most effective possible way.

Stick with me – read this book – and together we are going to review all the elements of an effective complaint.

One lettuce leaf at a time (couldn’t resist).

Selected Published Work

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Early Essays

Facts and Arguments, The Globe and Mail

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A mother’s dilemma

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Feminist dilemma: Should I let my daughter be a chess champ in sparkly nails?

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My 12-year-old son invited a girl to our house, but he wasn’t there to greet her

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